Estpeona Paseo Maritimo
Estepona Spain

Approached from east or west Estepona glistens white against a sparkling sea. Gibraltar stands high on the horizon and the outline of Africa mountains loom to the south. A fine promenade, lined by palm trees and garlanded with flowers, runs the length of the town which was awarded a national prize for beauty by the Ministry of Information and Tourism.

This is the legendary Salduba, the Muslim Estebbuna described as 'paradise ... an ideal spot of abundant delights'.

Strict orders from the Major ensure that each year the town centre is white washed, windows are repaired, and doors are wrought iron painted in time for summer visitors. The withewash comes from limestone dug from Estepona’s mountains.
Estepona spreads over almost 132 million square metres of coastland and mountain, to the village of Genalguacil, Jubrique and Juzcar in the north, the Mediterranean in the south, Benahavis and Marbella in the east, and Casares in the west. A variety of beaches - some with coral - span her 21.5 km's of coast.

Down at the harbour, fish is auctioned daily on the quayside: brill, hake, sandpiper, swordfish, lobster, octopus, squid, red mullet, anchovies and the famous sardines.

Estepona understands the importance of preserving her Andalusian character. Most of her buildings date back to last century and the town is a maze of unexpection, side-streets, squares and pretty patios. The charming San Francisco square at its entrance of the parish church of Estepona is a reminder that the church was once a Franciscan monastery.


Estpeona Casa de Cultura
Estepona Playa Christo
Estpeona view to Gibraltar

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